Thursday, June 24, 2010

Side Venture

I bought a web site over the weekend called I spent upwards of 2k on it when you include some minor stuff like hosting and renewing the domain and whatnot. The goal is to eventually get my money back, but we'll see how slow or if that happens at all.

OTHERWISE, if you have your own web site then it's in your best interest to check this site out. It provides social bookmarking for other sites, so you can register (it's free no worries) and link your own site there.

More recent thoughts

It's been some time since I've posted. Believe it or not it's because I've been relatively busy with everything. This, luckily, includes DJ'ing and related shenanigans.

A terrible mishap: my laptop died. the problem was a hard drive failure. The solution was a new hard drive, but the old one could not be recovered. Luckily, this only lost me about a month or two worth of new music, since all the stuff before that was backed up. Unluckily, this cost me a month or two of new music and I lost all my other new shit on my computer as well, like my resume (god that's a pain to create) and other documents and videos and probably porn.

Here's an interesting thought, I sure hope that my serato scratch live crates and overviews are backed up on my external. I actually use an external for my serato library anyway, since it's the only thing big enough for my music, so I'm hoping all the structure for the library is on there as well. I'll probably post again with those results, which will possibly be after tomorrow since I have a biochem exam in the morning I'm not ready for.

For other dj's out there that also prioritize school, you know where I'm at right now. I still do some parties for friends and shit, but other than that I'm all about the grades. I actually tried to get a job or two and the local "clubs," but if anyone else knows about Charlottesville, again you know where I'm at. This town is nice and all for living, but there's just about no club scene to speak of. There are a couple, but they're either not hiring or they're not hiring real dj's. One owner insists he can dj the place himself most nights. I'm friends with the manager there and it turns out he can't, but w/e he refuses to increase his costs and hire someone legit. Pretty much every other place just hires wack ass guys that have the gear but lack the talent/skill and just do bad mixes and bad crowd reads. They probably only want peanuts in exchange though, so I guess it makes the world go round (really fucks up my partying though). If there's one thing I hate is going to a club where I know the dj is getting paid and hearing him fuck shit up. Everyone makes mistakes I get it, but within reason AMIRIGHT. I wouldn't be fucking up my mixes up there that's for sure.